• Diversity

    The variety of services we offer helps us provide a total outsourcing solution that is unparalleled in the service industry.


    Regardless of the type of service offered, we follow strict guidelines in Policies, Procedures & technology been used.


    A Comprehensive cloud based Analytics tool that covers all service verticals giving you the assurance and visibility of your auxiliary services.

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    Welcome to Virtual Office Services (VOS)

    When a business wishes to extend beyond its core competencies, it turns to outsourcing and consulting services to help regain its focus. Whatever the organization, whatever the industry, accessing world class specialist skills is a vital part of ensuring its operations run smoothly.

    Why VOS?

    To be a game changer in this evolving world, a business must be a player, not a spectator. It must be aware and agile in its responses to the ever-changing demands. We at VOS offer;

    • Unparalleled Expertise
    • Industry Specific Knowledge & Resources
    • A Unique Global Network

    About us

    Virtual Office Solutions (VOS) is a trusted partner in the Service Industry. We help our partners achieve financial success by working as an extension of their team and leverage our expertise to achieve their desired outcome. Founded in 2014 VOS approached the support services industry with a new perspective and a Team with a deep knowledge in each of the service sectors we cater. VOS leverages best practices based on the domain experience in each of our service sectors and use them to ensure financial success to our partners.

    Our Team

    • Experience

      Over 75 years in cumulative Leadership experience in the Service industry

    • Quality & Innovation

      A Team driven by Quality & Innovation as its Mantra that has lived up to its expectations to-date.

    • Community

      An organization with a back bone of Giving Back to the Community

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    Our Services

    Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

    Web/App Development & SEO



    Finance Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Human Resources

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