Welcome to Virtual Office Service

Virtual Office Solutions (VOS) is a trusted partner in the Service Industry. We help our partners achieve financial success by working as an extension of their team and leverage our expertise to achieve their desired outcome. Founded in 2014 VOS approached the support services industry with a new perspective and a Team with a deep knowledge in each of the service sectors we cater. VOS leverages best practices based on the domain experience in each of our service sectors and use them to ensure financial success to our partners.

  • Mission

    To be a Pioneer and Leader in the Virtual Office Concept, our Mission is to add Quality and Value to our Clients, by using our UNIQUE Business Model to EMPOWER the lives of our greatest asset, OUR TEAM.

  • Vision

    To be a Center of Excellence in Diversified market segments with our Outsourcing Services as we have no boundaries, we are VIRTUAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS

  • Our Team

    Lead by Muhammed Shabney Ismail (CEO) & Fathima Shaznin Shabney (COO) and a Team who Collectively boasts over 75 years of Experience in the Service Industry, VOS was formed under one Mantra and that was Quality & Innovation. The results we deliver with value are integral to our client engagements. Our team works as an extension of our client’s team and leverage our expertise to achieve the expected results. We cultivate our team to be the best in the industry and help them grow with VOS

  • Giving Back

    We have a share of our business dedicated to providing employment to work from home. However, these opportunities are not just offered to any and everyone. VOS works with multiple organizations to identify individuals who need a livelihood but are not able to leave their homes to work. The reasons keeping these individual from going out to work could be disability, single moms, individuals having to take care of another family member due to illness etc. VOS offers work from home solutions for these individuals. We provide the training, work with our partners to supply all needed equipment if not already available and provide them with a Work from Home solution. We are committed to maintaining 25% of our overall staff in this category.