Revamp your organization with a Cutting-edge Solution

VOS together with its partners provider a complete end to end solution to its customers. With in-depth industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology our solution has proven to be amongst the best in the industry. From setting up a business to making it profitable while providing real-time analytics VOS will ensure its clients concentrate on their expertise while it ensures its clients financial health.

What We Offer

Our proven operational model will ensure;

• A 98% clean claim rate
• 90% of your Accounts Receivable cleared within the first 90 days
• Guaranteed increase in Revenue

Working with our partners we will ensure that we collect your dues in a shorter period of time. We will also work your front and back office to ensure you have a smooth operational flow at your office as well as with our delivery team.

Contracting, Credentialing & Payer Management

Credentialing isn’t just about setting up a practice, it’s about setting up the “Right Practice”. With VOS you get accredited, well managed credentialing and contracting service that sets up the “Right Practice” for you. Our Credentialing experts will ensure they negotiate the best possible contracts. This will not only give you Quantifiable Returns that directly impact your bottom line, it will also save your time.

Advance Analytics

Lets the numbers do the talking. Our real-time analytics tool gives you complete transparency in to your business.

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