Working from Home is NOT for EVERYONE
There are numerous articles found online these days talking about;

How Ineffective it is to work from home.
How managing staff and having control over them is nightmare.
How Deadlines are not being met
How communication is huge barrier
Let me tell you it is NOT for everyone. Working from home is not as easy as it sounds. There are a few indicators that makes someone a perfect candidate to work from home.

He/She loves working alone.
Is Self Disciplined and takes Deadlines seriously.
Hates the commute but is still ambitious and wants to build a successful career.
External factors that prevents someone from going out to work but need the income.
We speak with experience. When we started Virtual Office Solutions (VOS) back in 2014 it was not just another outsourcing services company. We wanted to be able to give back to the community as well. With this in mind we decided to make VOS a complete work from home company. We also decided that we were going to provide jobs to people who absolutely needed to work from home and not to any qualified candidate out there.

Over 3 years down the line, we are a growing company, where we lost just 1 employee due to career growth in the past 2 years. Extremely happy Clients with deadlines being met, communication maintained at the highest level and increase in revenue shown to the client as result.

We were careful with our recruitment, we gave them complete flexibility and in return they have bought us to where we are today, a growing company with a global presence.

If you are to start a work from home company or are looking to provide flexibility to certain roles in your business to work from home, you have to ensure that you pick the right people and provide the right tools and motivation for them. What you get in return might be something that you never expected (in a positive way).


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